Järna Bed and Breakfast Rum och Frukost – Bed and Breakfast – i Järna, Sweden
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    We are rebuilding and renovating our house and are, temporarily, closing down our bed and breakfast service, probably up until the end of June 2017. We will tell, well in advance, when we are again opening to guests!
    If you are in need of accommodation in Järna during this time we recommend the following:
    Lotta Eriksson has a nice room in the very center of Järna, with shared kitchen and bathroom, within walking distance (400 meters!) from the train station. Call Lotta at +46 (0)76 223 29 98 or mail her at lottakarott@gmail.com . Lotta is a friend of ours.
    You kan also stay with Åsa Löfström. You find her 6 kms south of Järna in the countryside. You need a car to get to Åsa’s place. Shared kitchen and bathroom. Contact Åsa at +46 (0) 73 151 47 04 or email at asa.lofstrom@hotmail.com  . Åsa is a friend of ours.
    It is also possible to stay at Håknäs Vandrarhem, two kms east of Järna center, very close to the E4 motorway. Find them at www.haknas.vandrarhem.dinstudio.se  or call them at +46 (0) 8 551 502 21.
    Another possibility to get accommodation in Järna is www.airbnb.com . There are several offers, put in ”Järna” in search and check them out. We have had several good experiences from Airbnb when travelling ourselves. Usually very priceworthy. At Airbnb in Järna you can find the nice eko-farm Charlottendal and also the extremely small and cheap lodging put up by Fredrik Boltes. Check them out! Airbnb shall have a lot of cred for their saying posted on their Superbowl ad: “We believe no matter who you are, where you’re from, who you love or who you worship, we all belong”. Well said, in these days!
    We hope that you will find this info helpful in order to find a place to stay in Järna.
    And very welcome back to us when we open up again!



    Since early 2011 we run our BnB.
    We have rebuilt our old basement (mostly built in 1921!) into a three-room flat, at about 50 square meters, which we rent out with one or two bedrooms, depending on what is needed.
    We can accommodate 1-4 persons.
    We will only take one person or one group of maximum 4 persons at a time. You therefore never share our premises with other, unknown people.

    The apartment is separate from the rest of our property. You dispose of a complete flat with one or two bedrooms (depending on the number of people), toilet and shower and a fully equipped kitchen.

    We are located in the center of Järna, but in a secluded, private location. We are located next to the railroad, close to the station.

    Our apartment is not handicap-friendly. You must be able to climb stairs to stay with us.

    You can not  bring pets of any kind into our flat. At times we have guests that are allergic to fur.
    Of course, you can not smoke indoors! However, you are welcome to smoke in our garden. You can neither use inscence in our flat.

    We charge SEK 560 (500 kr + VAT) per person/night. Breakfast, sheet, towels, cleaning, parking and Internet is always included in the price.
    Check-out time is not later then 12.00 (noon) and check-in starts at 15.00. But, if possible, we of course adjust this times so it suits our guests.
    Call / text / or email me! See “Contact”